Professor Ian Ralston


Ian Ralston

Ian Ralston is currently on research leave, but still contributes to Archaeology in Practice and European Iron Age teaching. Before becoming Head of School his teaching included:

Archaeology 1B, Archaeology 2A and 2B
Scottish Studies 1B

Honours Options:

Archaeology in Practice (co-convener)
Invited seminars on contemporary archaeological practice in the UK and beyond.

The Practice of Field Archaeology in the United Kingdom
An introduction to applied archaeology and archaeological resource management as they are practised in Britain today, usually supported by contributions from archaeologists from outwith the University.

The Iron Age of western Temperate Europe
Key topics in the Iron Age archaeology of non-Mediterranean Europe from the beginning of the Hallstatt Iron Age to La Tène B, centred on the 'princely seats' of the sixth/fifth centuries BC and drawing especially on current fieldwork in Bourges.

Gallia from the third century BC to the reign of Augustus
La Tène C and D, particularly in non-Mediterranean Francophone Europe: settlement and funerary sites and an archaeology of religion during the protohistoric period of the last quarter-millennium BC.

The Scottish lowlands: archaeology and landscape before the Normans
The evolving evidence for the archaeological record of lowland Scotland, and its interpretation, from the initial occupation until c. 1000 AD.